Sunday, July 27, 2008

My beloved school turns 100... !!!

My beloved school Sultan Abdul Hamid College already turned 100 years old...
It's quite unfortunate that I could not be there in Alor Setar with all the proud Collegians and Old Boys to celebrate this wonderful mark of history.
The chronicles and glory
Sultan Abdul Hamid College (KSAH) was established on 8th December 1908 and the first Principal was Allahyarham En Mohammad Iskandar, the beloved father of Tun Mahathir. Since its establishment, KSAH has produced countless leaders, businessman, patriots and professionals.
To name a few, all of them including the 1st Prime Minister Al-Marhum YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Mahathir Mohammad, Sultan Muadzam Shah who is the current ruler of Kedah, Tan Sri Khir Johari, Tan Sri Dr Othman Yeop, Tun Ahmad Fairuz etc.
Once a collegian, always a collegian
This is the motto being passed from seniors to juniors.... that, we will always look back and be proud of our root, where we come from. All the great experience I got from KSAH really shaped myself of becoming what I am today. Thanks to all the teachers, friends and non academic staff that have made my secondary school experience the most valuable one.
Special thanks...
Sorry to all my great teachers that I lost contact with all of you... I pray for all your health and happiness, only God can repay your kindness. Thanks Mrs Murugesan for polishing my English in Form 3... Thanks Mr Thiagarajah for your Math lesson... Thanks Cikgu Hussein for recruiting me into KSAH debate team.... thanks Cikgu Zaitom for your trust to lead the Forum Remaja team... thanks Mr Segaran and Cikgu Dina, the best Prefect's advisor ever... Thanks Cikgu Zaitun, Cikgu Aziah and Cikgu Muliati for your kind attention... Thanks my favorite Form teacher Cikgu Norsiah, Cikgu Sharifah, Cikgu Siti Rafeah and Mr Ooi Eng Lee... and thanks to all the wonderful people that their names might not listed here, but I do appreciate all your kindness. And, an extra thanks to Cikgu Hussein, for the trouble coming to my house and met my parents to extend the invitation to the Best Student SPM 1994 award ceremony.
Pedang Bertuah - KSAH 1990-1994

Monday, July 14, 2008

2004 : The saddest day of my life...

25th September 2004, my beloved father passed away. That was the saddest day of my life.
He was knocked down by a Pajero while riding his Honda C70, 6 days earlier. At first, the doctors thought that he only broke his ankle but they never noticed he suffered internal bleeding until he vomited blood on the 3rd day in hospital. He was then transfered to the ICU Ward. He had to rely on life-support machine after that. It was heart tormenting to see him in that condition, helpless that nothing I able to do to ease his pain. It was the heaviest test from God that myself and my family had to go through. We could do nothing but pray to God for His mercy and blessing. Then, in the morning of 25th September, my father peacefully gone to meet his Creator.
A day before the accident...
I took my father, mother and my niece to the Duty-Free Zone in Bukit Kayu Hitam, the day before the accident. We went sightseeing and shopping. He bought a nice shirt that he liked very much. Later that night was a father-and-son DVD night, where we enjoyed "Lord of the Rings III : Return of a King" together, while he was eating his favorite mangoes I bought him earlier.
The day of the accident...
I was supposed to go back to KL that night, only been back for the 2-day weekend break. That was my routine and still is, where I went back to my hometown Alor Setar every 1st Saturday of the month.
That morning, I had sore eyes, my eyes irritates and red. Before going out, my father held my head, reciting some 'doa' and blew it into my eyes. This was my father's specialty which he learned from my late grandfather, he can heal irritate eyes and few other illness. Never thought that, it would be the last gift of love from my father to his son.
Moving on, duty of a son...
Now it has been 4 years... not a single day that I ever forget my father. I tried my best to help my father for the life hereafter. I settled all the debts that I know of and carried out a Badal Haji (hire people to perform Haji on behalf) for my father. Spend at least 2hours every month to clear the grass and leaves off my father's grave. My prayers will always be with him.
I promised my father that I will take good care of my mother and niece. But still, if not because of the promise also, I will never neglect my mother and niece. A son's duty towards his parents is a lifetime responsibility even after he got married.
My sadness and happiness
I feel a bit sad that my father did not have the chance to see me get married... I feel a bit sad that my father did not have the chance to see my two sons, his first two grandsons, since the others are all grand-daughters... It is God's will....
But, I feel happy that I was able to make my father proud and happy. I knew that my father was always proud of me, but I noticed the sparks of his eyes the most in these three events :
1. When I was awarded Best Student SPM 1994 (Arts Stream);
2. When I got my degree scroll at my University graduation ceremony;
3. When I used my first salary to give him a Seiko 5 Automatic watch as a present.
He used the watch I gave him in 2000 until his last day...
Al-Fatihah, Bapak, I miss u very much....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My dream of a lifetime career...

At first, when I made the decision to leave my 1st job which I had worked for 7 years, I thought that "this is it", this is the one I will continue to serve until I retire.
But it turned out that I must make another jump, (sort of) to secure the future of my career. Sadly I must leave this company also, but not much of a choice there, though.
This is how the story started
When I graduated from the university in the year 2000, I was accepted to work as Executive Trainee in Malaysia's premier investment holding company. Then, placed in the IT Coordination Department as an IT Executive. So excited and energetic as a fresh graduate should be, I started my career with full of hope and dreams.
7 years passed by, not even a single day that I regretted working there. But, the unfair treatment by my direct supervisor really tore down my motivation to work. The favoritism practiced by him in promoting only a few selected people really got me frustrated. He gave me nothing but excuses everytime I asked about my career progression and he had no standard criteria in promoting people.
My light of hope suddenly aroused
After 3 years trying to join the reputed Oil company, finally I got the job, to be part of the highly acclaimed team. It was like a hand reaching out to me when I was about to drown in demotivation, pulling me out to a safe place. Guess what, I moved to the new company with almost a 62% increase in my current salary that time. Alhamdulillah, really grateful to God's blessings.
I thought it will last forever
Now, the IT arm of the Oil company I worked for had been outsourced. Goodbye Oil company, no more nice dreams of settling down and end my lifetime career with it. Starting 1st July 2008, everything changed, though still supports the Oil company, but no longer as a staff nor any guarantees whatsoever. It's time for me to make a move, looking for a better position and company that secures my future.