Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My dream of a lifetime career...

At first, when I made the decision to leave my 1st job which I had worked for 7 years, I thought that "this is it", this is the one I will continue to serve until I retire.
But it turned out that I must make another jump, (sort of) to secure the future of my career. Sadly I must leave this company also, but not much of a choice there, though.
This is how the story started
When I graduated from the university in the year 2000, I was accepted to work as Executive Trainee in Malaysia's premier investment holding company. Then, placed in the IT Coordination Department as an IT Executive. So excited and energetic as a fresh graduate should be, I started my career with full of hope and dreams.
7 years passed by, not even a single day that I regretted working there. But, the unfair treatment by my direct supervisor really tore down my motivation to work. The favoritism practiced by him in promoting only a few selected people really got me frustrated. He gave me nothing but excuses everytime I asked about my career progression and he had no standard criteria in promoting people.
My light of hope suddenly aroused
After 3 years trying to join the reputed Oil company, finally I got the job, to be part of the highly acclaimed team. It was like a hand reaching out to me when I was about to drown in demotivation, pulling me out to a safe place. Guess what, I moved to the new company with almost a 62% increase in my current salary that time. Alhamdulillah, really grateful to God's blessings.
I thought it will last forever
Now, the IT arm of the Oil company I worked for had been outsourced. Goodbye Oil company, no more nice dreams of settling down and end my lifetime career with it. Starting 1st July 2008, everything changed, though still supports the Oil company, but no longer as a staff nor any guarantees whatsoever. It's time for me to make a move, looking for a better position and company that secures my future.


Azrina said...

Sabar ajer la bro.

May good fortune follow wherever you are.

Yeh!! Me first comment!!

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Hey Bro,

Welcome to the blog sphere.

Cucu Tok Selampit.

salzahari said...

biasa la abg...

kira abg sbr gakle..7 thn, now 1-2thn..mcm sal di sini, baru nak masuk 3 thn tapi dah rasa mcm nak cari lubuk lain dah sbb dah nothing i can do melainkan demotivation each days,helpless sbb takleh tolong user! inilah mslh bila bkn org IT yg buat projek IT...jadik haru biru.

Pedang Bertuah said...

Thanks for all your comments.
Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.
It's proven :)
Another jump for me at the age of 31. Wish me luck