Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally, I got the job!

Alhamdulillah... I finally got the job I told you guys in my earlier post.
Actually I got the Letter of Appointment on Monday, 11th August 2008, but it took me quite sometime to update this blog since I only tendered my resignation today.
The job offer...
First of all, I am thrilled that I got the salary I asked for! I guess the interview with Datuk A was just a formality or sort. Even he himself never touched about salary during our meeting.
I'll get to have my own office (being a system engineer for 8 years, you don't get to have all this, ehehehe), my own dedicated parking space, subordinates who will be reporting to me and a few more perks that comes along with the whole package.
In addition, I'll get to have a regular working hours (more time to spend with my family), less weekend jobs (so I can concentrate on my MBA) and I can save a lot on tolls and fuel consumption (because my wife and I only need one car to go to work from now on due to same route, and, that I no longer need to commute to Cyberjaya).
Alhamdulillah, I am really grateful to God's blessing... just as my Mother put it, "rezeki anak-anak".
Tendering resignation...
I really caught my Bosses by surprise, because previously there weren't any indications that I am leaving. Besides, I was away for Microsoft Tech Ed SEA event in KL this whole week and only came in to the office today...with the resignation letter!
I would like to thank both of my Bosses for understanding and for supporting my career move. Even it's hard for them to let me go but the reality is, they couldn't give me any counter-offer since our company was just outsourced and a lot of procedures are still unclear.
My manager said, "It's a great loss for us that you are leaving, but I cannot hold you back from your career move by giving you promises I'm not sure I can fulfilled". Thanks Mr. Y, even just by having that thought in mind itself for me is enough, to show how much I am appreciated and acknowledged.
Moving on...
Quoting Uncle Ben in 'Spider-man' movie said to Peter Parker, "Great powers come with great responsibilities".
It's true. Now, I have a bigger responsibility as an Assistant Manager. If before this I kept complaining on how my superiors treated me, now, it's how I treat my staff will be in question! Hopefully, I don't turn into becoming like the people I hate... Hopefully, I can carry out my duties successfully... Hopefully, I can give all my efforts to compensate the trust that the company and the management put in me... Hopefully, my presence will give a positive impact to the company and the people around me, insyaallah!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims

Project paper presentation:
On Sunday, 10-Aug-2008, I presented a paper on Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims for one of my MBA class (Law, Ethics and CSR). There were so many questions asked by my fellow classmates. I never thought that many of them have similar problems but not taken any actions.
The following are some info to help you guys who have problems with your house developer.
Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims
This tribunal was established in 2002 and started its full scale operation in January 2003. This tribunal was initiated and placed under the Ministry of Housing and Local Goverment. However, this tribunal only handles the claims of a value less than RM 50,000.00 only. You can claim any damages, default or whatsoever but within the stipulated maximum amount. This tribunal acts as an alternative to assist homebuyers to get compensation in an easier, cheaper and faster manner compare to a civil court.
The process...
1. You have to file your claims at the Tribunal (Headquartered in Pusat Bandar Damansara) by filling in Form 1 and pay a fee of RM10. The tribunal will stamp their seal in FOUR copies and TWO copies will be returned back to you.
2. You have to send ONE copy to the developer to alert them that a claim had been filed at the tribunal. Make sure you send by hand, registered letter, Poslaju or any means that may in return produce a proof of receipt. (This is important for the hearing)
3. The developer have to respond in 14 days if they have any defense statement or counter-claims. They may do that by filling in Form 2 also by paying RM10. If any defense statement were made, you can always make a rebuttal with a Form 3 justification.
4. The tribunal will then calls for a hearing and arrange a pre-hearing settlement if necessary.
5. During the hearing, both parties (homebuyer and developer) must represent themselves without any lawyer. I consider this fair, because we can charge head-to-head with them without fear.
6. The verdict will be known on the spot and an Award will be granted.
My personal experience...
My wife and I bought a house in Gombak but were unable to get the company loan. Our loan was rejected because the developer was not licensed and a few more doubts from the Sales and Purchase Agreement.
We decided to cancel the buying and take back our 1% deposit paid earlier. What happened was, not only they did not want to return our money but instead threatened us to pay an additional 1% to close file (cancel the buying) or face a lawsuit from them for the amount of 30% for breaking the S&P agreement.
I was furious, I hate people pushing me around.. so I filed my claim at the Tribunal. After the developer received my copy of Form 1, then only they tried to negotiate and apologized. Too late man, see you in court!
The hearing day came, my wife and I won the case and the developer were ordered to pay back our loses. It was a public hearing, so there were about 15-20 cases were in session for that day. We were called by our case number. The good thing I noticed during the hearing was that the Tribunal was at its best to protect the homebuyer. Many cases won and in favor of the homebuyer.
As a conclusion, know your rights, use your rights and nobody will take advantage on us.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Best Job Interview Ever!!!

Monday, 4th August 2008
I went for a 2nd round interview at one of the GLC (government-linked company), which headquartered in Selangor. This time, the CEO himself, Datuk A, interviewed me.
Actually, I was quite surprised when I got a phone call from the company's HR that I was scheduled for a 2nd interview with the CEO. I felt honored and delighted :)
The scenario....
I was made to understand that the CEO rarely interviews candidates. Most of the time the selection only endorsed by him, once the senior management decided on who had succeeded in the interview. It seemed that I was the one selected by my future boss and since the salary I asked for was beyond what is offered, so my application was forwarded to the next level, the CEO level.
The best job interview I had so far....
That day came, where I was brought by the HR staff to his office on the top floor. I felt just like home because Datuk A was very polite and the hospitality was great.
I anticipated that I would be asked to justify why I requested that much of a salary, or maybe I would get pounded by questions to prove am I worthy enough for that position. But things turned out to be really the opposite way.
He shared with me his passion for the company where he has been working for 16 years now, he outline all his expectations to me and my future department, he shared about the company's history on how he built the company to its current level now, and even shared with me his personal motivation and beliefs.
I was very impressed and at the same time motivated with the passion he showed. Insyaallah, I'll strive my very best for the company if hired.
Whatever the outcome will be....
Whether am I hired or not, and whether will I be offered the expected salary or lower... for me it doesn't matter. Whatever the outcome will be, this is the best job interview I had so far. And, thanks Datuk A for your time and willingness to share your secret to success with me.
So, wish me luck guys, this is an IT management position and a golden opportunity for me to take another career jump to secure my career life. Insyaallah!