Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Best Job Interview Ever!!!

Monday, 4th August 2008
I went for a 2nd round interview at one of the GLC (government-linked company), which headquartered in Selangor. This time, the CEO himself, Datuk A, interviewed me.
Actually, I was quite surprised when I got a phone call from the company's HR that I was scheduled for a 2nd interview with the CEO. I felt honored and delighted :)
The scenario....
I was made to understand that the CEO rarely interviews candidates. Most of the time the selection only endorsed by him, once the senior management decided on who had succeeded in the interview. It seemed that I was the one selected by my future boss and since the salary I asked for was beyond what is offered, so my application was forwarded to the next level, the CEO level.
The best job interview I had so far....
That day came, where I was brought by the HR staff to his office on the top floor. I felt just like home because Datuk A was very polite and the hospitality was great.
I anticipated that I would be asked to justify why I requested that much of a salary, or maybe I would get pounded by questions to prove am I worthy enough for that position. But things turned out to be really the opposite way.
He shared with me his passion for the company where he has been working for 16 years now, he outline all his expectations to me and my future department, he shared about the company's history on how he built the company to its current level now, and even shared with me his personal motivation and beliefs.
I was very impressed and at the same time motivated with the passion he showed. Insyaallah, I'll strive my very best for the company if hired.
Whatever the outcome will be....
Whether am I hired or not, and whether will I be offered the expected salary or lower... for me it doesn't matter. Whatever the outcome will be, this is the best job interview I had so far. And, thanks Datuk A for your time and willingness to share your secret to success with me.
So, wish me luck guys, this is an IT management position and a golden opportunity for me to take another career jump to secure my career life. Insyaallah!


Azrina said...

Good luck dear.

I'll pray that you get the job. ;)

Leow said...

All the Best Boss!!! Time to leave this leaking OIL team...haha... but really, u inspire me to better myself too

Me said...

Sorry sorry for this late comments. Honestly I only read the post today. Muzhaffar had a bad fever so was away from the Internet for quite sometime. Wow! A selected rare candidate i guess and they won't call you for the 2nd round if they are not serious in hiring u. Looking forward to hear more good news ek and nanti sblm kami fly ni leh ler kuar makan sekali ramai-ramai!

p/s: Ingatkan nak soh big bro belanja 1 sept nanti tapi dah puasa la pulak :p