Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally, I got the job!

Alhamdulillah... I finally got the job I told you guys in my earlier post.
Actually I got the Letter of Appointment on Monday, 11th August 2008, but it took me quite sometime to update this blog since I only tendered my resignation today.
The job offer...
First of all, I am thrilled that I got the salary I asked for! I guess the interview with Datuk A was just a formality or sort. Even he himself never touched about salary during our meeting.
I'll get to have my own office (being a system engineer for 8 years, you don't get to have all this, ehehehe), my own dedicated parking space, subordinates who will be reporting to me and a few more perks that comes along with the whole package.
In addition, I'll get to have a regular working hours (more time to spend with my family), less weekend jobs (so I can concentrate on my MBA) and I can save a lot on tolls and fuel consumption (because my wife and I only need one car to go to work from now on due to same route, and, that I no longer need to commute to Cyberjaya).
Alhamdulillah, I am really grateful to God's blessing... just as my Mother put it, "rezeki anak-anak".
Tendering resignation...
I really caught my Bosses by surprise, because previously there weren't any indications that I am leaving. Besides, I was away for Microsoft Tech Ed SEA event in KL this whole week and only came in to the office today...with the resignation letter!
I would like to thank both of my Bosses for understanding and for supporting my career move. Even it's hard for them to let me go but the reality is, they couldn't give me any counter-offer since our company was just outsourced and a lot of procedures are still unclear.
My manager said, "It's a great loss for us that you are leaving, but I cannot hold you back from your career move by giving you promises I'm not sure I can fulfilled". Thanks Mr. Y, even just by having that thought in mind itself for me is enough, to show how much I am appreciated and acknowledged.
Moving on...
Quoting Uncle Ben in 'Spider-man' movie said to Peter Parker, "Great powers come with great responsibilities".
It's true. Now, I have a bigger responsibility as an Assistant Manager. If before this I kept complaining on how my superiors treated me, now, it's how I treat my staff will be in question! Hopefully, I don't turn into becoming like the people I hate... Hopefully, I can carry out my duties successfully... Hopefully, I can give all my efforts to compensate the trust that the company and the management put in me... Hopefully, my presence will give a positive impact to the company and the people around me, insyaallah!


salzahari said...

welcome to the club bro. Club of Bosses ! hahaha...i got my own parking but i never park there (never drive to office).

Now u can use your skills of inter and intra personal skills, counseling, coaching,'escaping' (susah oo nak escape diri dari apa jua) hehhee...

Can read my experiences in my blog (dah open to public, leh le add address Sal).

All the best Bro !

Pedang Bertuah said...

Thanks for the wish dear sis :).
Insyaallah, will perform my best.