Sunday, September 21, 2008

The legend is back in action!

It's my first week at the new office and in a new position. It felt nice inside that I am where I am now. It boasts my confidence that I am somewhat had accomplished something great in life. True, I am busier than before and also bigger responsibilities are up my shoulder but that all of course comes with the package.

Staff reporting to me...

I have 7 staff reporting to me. They consist of 2 DBA, 2 HPUX Specialist, 1 Helpdesk Executive, 1 Security Administrator and 1 Network Administrator. Currently, only 8 are present since one of my staff is still on maternity leave.

The first meeting with the guys...

When I held my first meeting with my staff, I found out there are a lot of issues which I need to attend to regarding staff welfares, workload and a few technical related problems. There is one non-exec staff in my team who is performing Exec's level task which I felt that he earned an upgrade in job grade. I will do something about this so that his hardwork will be compensated accordingly.

I am hiring people to join my team... interested?

After assessing their workload, I found that they are indeed overloaded. I need to hire more staff for my team. My Boss allowed me to hire another 2 more staff to join my team. So, anyone interested? Salary is negotiable, because if you are worth it then the company is willing to pay. However, no fresh graduates please, I need the experience ones because they adapt faster to environment and are ready to execute any tasks given.

Summary of my first week...

Day 1 : Started smoothly. Held my first meeting to get to know my staff and to establish relationship.

Day 2 : Well, unlucky, the elevators not functioning in the morning. Had to climb up the stairs up to Level 12. Gosh! Pancit woo...

Day 3 : The CEO's hard disk crashed. Got my staff to rectify and temporarily set up a loan unit. Later in the afternoon, had a meeting with him in IT Steering Committee. He personally introduced me to the members of the meeting.

Day 4 : The internet is down in the afternoon. Got to answer calls and emails from the Senior Management... only my first week, already got pounded by other bosses! Well, this is what IT is all about. Nobody realize our existence until we hit problem, hahahahaha.

Day 5 : I sent email notifying that the internet connection was restored and all other related applications was back online. However, to my surprise, the internet was down once again! Gosh, we already rectified yesterday's issue yet we were hit by another one. Well, yesterday's downtime was caused by a Proxy Server related problem and today's one was caused by the firewall breakdown. How very rare to be hit with 2 different problems that cause 1 single effect - the internet being down.

Started off on the right foot...

Indeed, there were hick-ups here and there, but I guess I started off on the right foot. It brings back memories from my university days where I was being tested on my people management skill, my P.R with every level of management, crisis management and mentoring. Even though I did lead people in my previous job, but it was only in small project teams. This time, it's different, I have subordinates reporting to me. It's the time to go all out and prove myself. The legend is back in action.... me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A blessing in disguise?

A few weeks back, I met Kak Y and F at Ampang Park while having lunch with 2 of my best friends/colleagues. She congratulated me on my career jump and asked whether I was going to meet my former direct Boss? I said, why meet the one held me stagnant for 7 years? She said, indirectly, it's because of him I searched for other place to work and did quite successfully in return. It's a "blessing in disguise"...
A blessing in disguise... is it really?
Yes, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and it's God's will. But, is it appropriate to thank someone that treated us unfairly? Whatever he or she did to you, that is NOT RIGHT and should not had happened. And, surely it's not justifiable or should be given any credits just because you turned out in a better position later in life due to what they did to us.
And then, I also believe in retribution, whatever bad things you do to people today, you will surely get back in equal. What goes a round comes around! I have no grudge against them, don't have to, because I believe in this.
Looking back...
Actually, my former direct Boss was not that terrible per say. The only thing he was unjust to me was by holding me back on my career progression. That's why I said that I have no grudge against him. I still respect him as once a Boss to me. I did learn a lot during his supervision. He was a good mentor and never stingy in sharing all his knowledge.
But, I couldn't help but feeling frustrated because he didn't promote me. It was like he didn't acknowledge my skills and performance. It was more like "jauh hati" because of what he did rather than a grudge.
Life is short, treasure all you have
Indeed, our life is too short to spent on little things like dissatisfaction or frustration over the wrong doing people did to us. Enjoy your life the fullest and be happy of all the blessings and rezeki God has given to us.
Besides, IT is a very small industry, who knows, maybe someday you might bump to each other once again. But, I hope this time around we are at par or it's me in return that will become the Boss, right? Ehehehehe!
Insyaallah, it's all of God's will.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st September...

1st September, what so special about it? It fell on 1st Ramadhan, the first day for Muslim to perform 'puasa'. It's also my birthday anniversary... I am 31 years old. Happy birthday to me! Ehehehehe...
Yes, the figure 31, I am older by another year. What have I accomplished all these years? The ups and downs in my life journey... what is there to remember and what is there to cast aside?
What I remember about my childhood?
What I can truly remember was that being the youngest in the family has its advantages. Everyone in the family focused on me. The pamper and undivided attention from my parents and siblings.
But still, a pressure put on me to follow the example of those before me. I had to keep up with my eldest sister who was then studied at USM and the study-holic elder brother. Every time I wanted to watch TV, my mom would say the same words, "Pi baca buku, tgk macam kak dengan abang".
Well, it didn't break my confidence even a bit, but I took it as a challenge to prove that everybody has his or her own unique ways of studying. What can I say more, I managed to get top 3 in class every year and got to receive the present from YTM Raja Puan Muda Kedah during Speech Day. I had proven it once more when I got 5As for my UPSR in 1989 and emerged as top 10 in the school.
The story continues...
In my secondary school, my dad told my mom to cut me some slack because I was different from my other siblings. Since then, my parents approved anything I did and they had full faith in me.
Maybe it's a gift, but I realized that I have a very good memory. While others were struggling to do revision, I could still recall clearly what's been taught in class. Lucky for me also, I was taught by some very great teachers which undoubtedly the core of my successes.
Well, not bad, I got 6 Aggregate for my SRP in 1992 (the last SRP in Malaysia, later changed to PMR) and I scored 10 Aggregate for my SPM in 1994. I got 10 aggregate in my SPM because of my Bahasa Melayu flopped C4, ehehehe. My Bahasa Melayu teacher Cikgu Siti Rafeah (she was also my Sastera Melayu teacher) was confused because I scored A2 for my Sastera Melayu but instead flopped in Bahasa Melayu. I don't know what to say cikgu, it happens! :)
Guess what, I was awarded the Best Student SPM 1994 (Arts Stream) and emerged as the college top 5. I was also awarded the SAHOCA KL/Selangor Scholarship. SAHOCA is the Sultan Abdul Hamid Old Collegian Association. For SPM during my days, the best will get the Gold Medal Award from Sultan Kedah and another 4 top students will get the SAHOCA Award.
University days and work life experience...
My University days were even challenging and full of nice memories :) but I think I'll save that for my next post. Same goes to my work life.
Anyway, my resolve is to give my very best in everything I do while balancing my work and family life, Insyaallah!