Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A blessing in disguise?

A few weeks back, I met Kak Y and F at Ampang Park while having lunch with 2 of my best friends/colleagues. She congratulated me on my career jump and asked whether I was going to meet my former direct Boss? I said, why meet the one held me stagnant for 7 years? She said, indirectly, it's because of him I searched for other place to work and did quite successfully in return. It's a "blessing in disguise"...
A blessing in disguise... is it really?
Yes, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and it's God's will. But, is it appropriate to thank someone that treated us unfairly? Whatever he or she did to you, that is NOT RIGHT and should not had happened. And, surely it's not justifiable or should be given any credits just because you turned out in a better position later in life due to what they did to us.
And then, I also believe in retribution, whatever bad things you do to people today, you will surely get back in equal. What goes a round comes around! I have no grudge against them, don't have to, because I believe in this.
Looking back...
Actually, my former direct Boss was not that terrible per say. The only thing he was unjust to me was by holding me back on my career progression. That's why I said that I have no grudge against him. I still respect him as once a Boss to me. I did learn a lot during his supervision. He was a good mentor and never stingy in sharing all his knowledge.
But, I couldn't help but feeling frustrated because he didn't promote me. It was like he didn't acknowledge my skills and performance. It was more like "jauh hati" because of what he did rather than a grudge.
Life is short, treasure all you have
Indeed, our life is too short to spent on little things like dissatisfaction or frustration over the wrong doing people did to us. Enjoy your life the fullest and be happy of all the blessings and rezeki God has given to us.
Besides, IT is a very small industry, who knows, maybe someday you might bump to each other once again. But, I hope this time around we are at par or it's me in return that will become the Boss, right? Ehehehehe!
Insyaallah, it's all of God's will.


salzahari said...

hehhe..yerla nak dendam ape ye tak? mcm Sal di sini lah,mcm2 tohmahan dah terima drp others HOD yg tak phm apa mslh projek.mcm2 dikata duhh,as if we goyang kaki with the position of IT HOD.

sekrg, berani la bising lagi?? Sal bangun & bantai them straight to their face..Kalau email pun tak check, buat keja pun staff tolong, don't try to cakap2 politik dgn i during the meeting.ckp psl duit rakyat la segala bagai !! huhh.. buat malu diri sendiri jer.

** hehhee...sorry terover lak! anyway, camne rasa jd boss ?

Pedang Bertuah said...

Relaks sis, be cool. Remember what we were taught during our university days :).
UKRS dalam kenangan... I miss the good old days. Ingat later nak buat posting pasal team kaunseling kita dulu kan?