Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ayahanda Tun M's Aidilfitri Open House

Nice one! Today my big bro and I went to Ayahanda Tun's Aidilfitri open house at Mines Resort City. The crowd was huge, not sure how many people attended but it was surely thousands!
I managed to salam both Ayahanda Tun Mahathir and Bonda Tun Siti Hasmah :) ... The last time I salam Tun was in Alor Setar in 1984 if I'm not mistaken (I was in Standard One), he was on a surprise visit to the then Pasaraya Komart (now, bangunan PKNK) when he met me at the vegetable section, shopping some groceries with my parents.
My Idol...
Tun Mahathir has been my Idol since childhood. Of course, with his long tenure, I was born and raised under his leadership as Malaysian Prime Minister. He is surely the leader who practiced "leading by example". I followed his approached since 1980's, when he introduced the punch card attendance system. You can see the leading by example concept when he always the one who came early to the office.
Anybody can talk the talk, can they walk the walk?
Anybody can brag about getting things done the best way, but can they really do it in practice? My Idol is the type of person who gets things done, not just by merely saying about it. It's very frustrating to see how today's leaders tried to deny whatever good he has done to the country by tarnishing his achievements.
Come on man, you keep mentioning about bad things he did but you yourself yet to prove your own worthiness! At least he did something for the nation, how about you? Curse those empty cans, did nothing but talk nonsense. But, I guess, they also did not have much choice do they? Hahahaha, just because you cannot highlight that you are better than Tun M, you end up digging trash to show that he is as low as you are. Really pathetic I might say, dude!
Why I didn't post any Politic comments in my Blog?
I hate today's politicians, the ruling party or even the opposition. I had a bad experience that led me hating this dude until today.
It was early 1998 when there was a meeting held at UIAM with the then DPM, involving all IPTA's student leaders. I was there. When answering to a question, he repeatedly said that, "Mahasiswa tidak patut libatkan diri dalam politik. Tanggungjawab kamu belajar. Pikir susah payah mak bapak hantar kamu datang belajar. Dah grad nanti, terpulanglah, masuklah mana-mana parti politik hatta pembangkang sekalipun."
Well the tone was different though, when he was sacked later that year, hahaha! Suddenly, he urged, "Mahasiswa perlu bangkit menentang kezaliman!"
Why? Just because it was you getting sacked, so the students no longer need to think about susah payah mak bapak eh? Suddenly it's 'Halal' to hit the streets for demonstration eh? Suddenly, no need to graduate and faced the possibility of having jailed just to save your political career eh?
Well, I am no fanatic of any political parties nor am I a member of any, I am just a bystander who are really disgusted with these kind of political drama and lust for power, claiming the title PM as if it's his 'birth rights'?
Now you know why, hahahaha...
I can go on and on, and on, and on ... like the everlasting battery advertisement :) when talking about my disappointments with current politics. But, why waste my time. This blog is personal, I'll keep it as one. Thanks my dear friends for reading, I will not bore you guys again with these political kedai kopi talks.
Moving on...
Ayahanda Tun dan isteri.. semoga Allah panjangkan umur anda berdua serta seluruh keluarga, dan dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik. Amin!
Ikhlas dari rakyat Malaysia yang tahu mengenang budi.
-Pedang Bertuah 5-October-2008 10:56PM