Thursday, December 18, 2008

How M.U makes my day happier :)

True or not, football does bring different people together :) at least that's what happened to me. This morning, one of my GM reported that his PC was infected by virus. So, as a goodwill, I also attended his PC together with my System Engineer.
Then, suddenly my mobile phone rang; it was my big brother on the line. Of course, the phone rang with my favorite ring tone; MU theme song :). Then the GM looked at me at smiled, "Wah, MU supporter also eh?". Hahahhaa, it's the first time, he never smiled before. Then, we had a big chat about MU at his sofa while my System Engineer cleaning up the virus.

3 months before this...

Actually, this guy seemed a bit unfriendly to me since I joined this company. I don't know whether it is just my feeling or he really was not satisfied with me for something. Even so, I didn't bother much because our department is reporting to another GM.
One thing for sure; my company really represents the multi-cultural of Malaysia :) The CEO is a Malay- Datuk A, the GM of Corporate Services is an Indian- Mr S (the one we report to) and the GM of Operation is a Chinese- Mr K.

MU really saves the day...

Now that I know his interest :) it's a good start to build a rapport with another GM. It will make your life easier to implement any projects if you can be sure that you will be backed by two of the most influential people at my workplace. Else, you will fight like hell to defend any papers presented at the Board Meeting in order to get approval.
Good networking has its advantages. We'll see how it goes because I've got a lot of papers to present for next year's budget :) MU forever... hahhahaha.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Racism? Who is the Racist?

The current development of Malaysian politics really got me disgusted and feeling uneasy. All those so called "wakil rakyat" regardless of the ruling party or the opposition were really 'tak sayang mulut' and struggling hard to be the champions of their own race.

What is this? Is it the voice of the people? Dehh, I don't think so! Each and everyone of those "wakil rakyat" had abused the trusts put in them by the multi-racial people during the last election. They are trusted to keep the harmony and peace in the country, but end up they are the ones creating tensions, conflicts and unnecessary provocation for their own political gains.

What is wrong with multi racial...

This is what unique about Malaysia... many race Melayu, Cina, India living together in peace and respect of each other. This is what the situation is everywhere in Malaysia. You can travel from north to south, from suburbs to towns, from the green of paddy fields to the beautiful mountains and feel safe, without prejudice and fear. This is Malaysia, and I truly believe that majority of Malaysians feel obnoxious with all the gimmicks and drama put on by those so call "wakil rakyat".

Where I came from...

I went to KSAH for my secondary education... my best buddies were Teoh Boon Seong, Gurveer Singh and Kumaralingam. Also I got Victor Andrag (current Kedah state footballer) and Cheah Kean Seng (former Kedah state footballer) as my sidekicks when I was a prefect. There were no gaps between us. We were Kolejians... there's no Chinese students, Malay students or Indian students... we were united as one, and KSAH is our Alma matter. Students did what students do best, study and have fun!

Same goes when I was in the University. Apart from my Malay best buddies, there were also Krishna, Kim Heng, Siva and Brandon Chan. In fact, when I was the Project Director for the University's 10th Convocation Expo, the one who supported me the most was my Deputy, Liew Tze Hui.

Moving on, I was the only Malay in my team when I joined the IT-arm of an Oil Company. No problems at all, in fact Chee Khean and Kok Cheong are still my best buddies even I am now at a new company. That's why the Oil Company upholds the principle of "Diversity and inclusiveness".

That's why... from where I came from... no such thing is racist. Only the politicians are making the unnecessary issue out of this, which I find it really disgusting! Let it be a lesson to us, NEVER to vote for these ungrateful brats again in the next election.

My personal views and hope...

I hope that the next PM will be stronger than the current because I believe only a strong PM can steer the country well and regain peace and harmony to the country. Previously, some people labeled Ayahanda Tun M as dictator... for me, a little dictatorship is essential to control these type of "tak sayang mulut" people from making a "suka hati tok nenek diaorang" statement that will plunge Malaysia into instability and racial tensions.

Then again, that is my personal view :)