Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, My Son!

My eldest son turns 2 today :)
Time flies very fast, it seems like only yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday. Now my beloved son is 2 years old.
Nothing much to update (been busy lately since my last post) only that today is a great day because of two things:
1. My son's 2nd birthday;
2. My MBA 2nd semester result is out... scored awesomely!
Until then, to all my friends and collegues, "Have a productive and cheerful day ahead"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Job Market: Is it now really the "Employer's Market"?

Employer's Market = Employer sets the terms and conditions while prospective employee just obey without question.
Frankly, the economic situation now might not give people like us (the workers) much of a choice or making demands in the interview. In fact, it's not even advisable for anybody to change job in this time of economic instability. The reason being is the tendency of big companies to shut down their overseas plant and to reduce their work force.
However, for the sake of 'testing the market', I went for an interview somewhere in December last year. Here is my story to share with you:
Terms and condition...
I went for an interview with this Bank for the post of IT Manager... it went pretty well, nothing much hassle with the interview though. The only thing I was not comfortable was the fact that they were offering a 6 month contract employment as a start. If I managed to meet the KPIs, then only a new Offer Letter with a permanent employment will be offered.
Me : What? Why did you put that kind of condition?
HR : Actually, it's not like we are going to terminate you after 6 months. In fact, the KPI that we set later is not something that impossible for you to meet.
Me : It's not about meeting the KPI, which I know that I will surely meet (ehehehe, ayat riak siut...). It's about principle. You are offering something that is uncertain. You can offer a permanent post with 6 month probation and still kick me out if I don't perform, right? Changing job is a big move, job security must be there. Just like when I worked with She** IT, it was even more strict because I had to serve a 1 year probation period. I had no problem with that condition because I knew it's a permanent position. In fact, I managed to complete my probation in less than a year.
Meeting Datuk CEO...
I thought at first, the interview was done for (judging from the way I criticized their policy). However, I got a phone call a week later to set an appointment for a 2nd interview with the CEO Datuk A. I said, if the terms and condition is still the same, then forget it, don't waste the CEO's time because I will not accept.
A few days later, I received another phone call; he said Datuk A wants to meet me the next morning. Huh? Are they serious?
The next morning I went to meet him. Then only I realized, the man who called me yesterday is the VP of Operations (hahaha, I thought it's same the HR guy I rejected a few days back). The meeting went well and both of them were very nice.
Me : Out of curiosity, Datuk, why in the first place you all came out with that policy?
Datuk A : Well, I don't want any 'passenger' in my team. If you didn't perform in 6 month, then bye bye, off you go. If I offer a permanent position with 6 month probation, I have to extend your probation if you did not perform. I cannot just dismiss you like that because then you'll go to the Labor Court complaining that you are not given enough chance and adequate training. I don't want to go through such headache.
Me : You got a point there Datuk, I agree. But, it's only good for the Bank. As for us, no security, we might be kicked out at any time due to contract status.
Datuk A : Hey, now is the Employer's market. A lot of people are looking for jobs. You cannot make demands, you have to concur with our terms and conditions. Economy is slowing down, large number of jobseekers are fighting to fill a very few positions. In fact, in your case, I should offer you a lower salary. (laugh)
Me : Hahaha, quite true Datuk, but, it goes back to the question, "Are you looking for a capable worker or are you looking for a desperate one?"
Well, we had our disagreement and decided to call off the interview. I did apologize for wasting his valuable time. In return, he gave me a few good tips to be successful in my career as he said I am still young and has very promising potentials. Thank you Datuk A for your kindness and golden tips :).
Moving on...
I believe in the amanah of carrying out your duties at your very best. At the end of the day, it's the money from our efforts being brought home to feed our family.
For those out there who are being retrenched by your company, I hope you will be strong to face this difficult time and I wish you all the best in securing a new job.
For those who are currently working, please strive hard and give your best because we'll never know if we might end up like our fellow colleagues from other companies.
For those graduates who are still unemployed, keep on trying and never to give up hope. Insyaallah, you'll be successful in finding your rezeki.
P.S : If I am still single, I think I might have grabbed the offer... and now is working at the bank, hahaha. But now, with a family to take care, the risks is just too high for me to take. A few of my friends said, "Rugi nyer tak accept" but all I can say is that, "takde rezeki, it was not meant for me in the first place".