Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Take a break... pamper yourself with some good movies!

Today, I had the opportunity to watch the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"... a vendor of mine lend me his DVD (Thanks Arshad bhai...). Surprisingly, it's very nice! :)
Me and love story...
Frankly, I am not so into these kind of romance movies. Even the movie "Titanic" that everybody was excited about did not catch my attention... well, not that I totally ignored the whole movie though, certain scene did capture my interest ; you can guess which one, of course! Hahahaha! Guys will always be guys >:)
Ok, ok, back to the topic... I don't know how to categorize this movie, mainly it's about the struggle of a slumdog or a street kid to survive in a world of uncertainty. They inserted the element of romance which gave the story more colors and meaningful.
The last time I enjoyed this kind of love story when watching "Somewhere in Time" played by Christoper Reeves and Jane Seymore. Another one was "Stardust" played by Claire Danes and Charlie Cox. All of these 3 movies, the way they portrayed love is very nice, simple and universal. You should watch these movies for yourself to understand what I meant by that.
Nice story plus good line up of actors and actresses...
Of course, my favorite actor, Anil Kapoor starred in this movie. Then, comes this young chap named Dev Patel and the sweet Freida Pinto. Last but not least, the Gary Sinise look-a-like, Irrfan Khan which also contributed well to the overall story.
The story is quite simple, how a slumdog who entered the game show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" was accused of cheating simply because he did well. The rationale was that how come a slumdog like Jamal (the lead) was doing so well when lawyers, doctors, professionals failed to advance to that stage.
The uniqueness of the story was that, he was able to answer all questions not because he was a genius or educated, but, it was just simply because each question related to all his tough life experience he had to face since childhood.
Even the police officer who captured and tortured him during interrogation was speechless of all the hardship he's gone through. Love, brotherhood, humanity... we can see all of these elements in this one story. Now only I know why this movie won huge at the previous Oscar :)
Take a break and pamper myself...
Yup, it is certainly a very stressful month. A lot of dateline to meet, a lot of staff issues to handle, a lot of office politics to cast aside, a lot of job related assignments to take and study related assignments to complete.
Well, I did watched other nice movies like Transformers II - Revenge of the Fallen, X-Men Origin: Wolvarine and Punisher-War Zone, but, even I enjoyed watching these movies, it did not help to release my stress at all :)
Maybe I'm getting old, but nowadays, I would rather watch movies like this "Slumdog Millionaire" which is a non-violent, hahahaha. Next on the list, I am thinking of taking my two sons to watch Ice Age 3. Those two boys really love "Manfred the Elephant" because I bought them the Ice Age 1 and 2 DVDs.
Living up memories...
Going to see movies has been my routine activity since I started work. Lots of nice memories since then :)
1. My former colleagues back at PNB knew that I would always take MC on Wednesdays to see movie at KLCC because of the special rate
2. Shed tears with my housemates back then Alam and Rizal when watching "Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham".. we went to see it twice but still cried at the same scene :)
3. My wife got fed up because when we were dating back then, always watching movies, no other activities
4. I watched LOTR The Two Towers 5 times!
5. I sneaked out to watch Scorpion King during office hours (sorry Boss, ehehehe)
6. I watched Ice Age 4 times
7. Once, I watch 3 movies in a row! I did not exit the cinema, only change the theatre hall
8. Always went A.W.O.L with my colleagues to see movies at Alamanda when I was working with Shell IT back then :)
And the list go on and on...
To all my colleagues and friends, although there were times that we had our differences and arguments, but, I really cherished the nice things we went thru together. Thanks for being there.