Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's ALOR SETAR, who dumb enough changed it to Alor Star?!

It was an eyesore driving back to my hometown in Alor Setar for Aidilfitri. All the signboard in PLUS highway displayed Alor Setar as "Alor Star". Who changed this? When did they change this?
Once again I would like to reiterate, it is ALOR SETAR and NOT something else!
From the information that I got, it was the previous MB that change it to Alor Star. For what? Sounds more commercial? How lame was that if he thought of leaving a legacy as the one who changed the capital town of Kedah to a more commercialized spelling. No wonder Kedah fell to PAS in the previous election. Serves him right!
I have lived for 32 years, Alor Setar is the spelling in my birth certificate, my IC, my parents' land title at Pejabat Tanah, registered in Pos Malaysia listing, in the text book, Malaysian maps, everywhere then suddenly one dude became MB and changed everything?
Hopefully DS Azizan, the current MB will change it back to what it should be. Don't let an idiotic former MB (who lost his own state and the worst of all Kedah's MB) inspiration to leave a stupid legacy destroyed everything which was preserved for so long.