Saturday, October 9, 2010

MBA at last, hooray!

Completed my MBA course today, alhamdulillah! My 2 years of struggle paid off :)
The funny thing is that my CGPA is far better than what I got for my IT degree 10 years back. It's even tougher this time since I have to balance work, family and study. Glad that I managed to go through with flying colors. Luckily there was no night class, only weekend classes.
Thanks my dear wife for your support, sacrifice and understanding. I am sorry Mak, had trouble balik kampung as frequent as I did before (quite tied up after I started my class). To my adorable sons, DADDY IS BACK!
:) I heard a lot of my friends and colleagues are starting their Masters program... It's just a thought, maybe one of these days having a first degree alone might not be enough for fresh graduates to secure a job. Competition is getting even stiffer nowadays.
Next on the list... hmm, taking DBA maybe? Insyaallah!

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